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Working as a chef at Charminster Residence

09 Dec, 2021
Working as a chef at Charminster Residence

We recently caught up with new chef at our Charminster Residence in Bournemouth, Shagusta, who shared with us the highlights of her job in the residence, and of being a host mother — another role she expertly fulfils for us at Kings!

Hi Shagusta. Tell us about the food you cook here at Charminster...

I cook food from all over the world: I cook Mexican, Italian, I cook Turkish quite a lot too…..I cater for everyone really, to make everyone happy. The students love my food. They are really, really happy. So I am happy!

Tonight I am making Spaghetti Bolognese and for starter some garlic bread. For the side I will do a vegetable bake; the students don’t like it if I boil the vegetables so I always do something different with them.

What do you like most about working as a chef here?

This is my hobby. I love to cook. I make cakes as well…. So it is my hobby and I love working here.

"I love to look for new recipes: some of the students were asking me yesterday how I always manage to cook something different! But this is what I like doing!"

You are also a host parent – tell us about that.

Yes, I cook for my homestay children too… in fact I just finished cooking at home [for dinner tonight] and then I came here to cook more!

What do you like about being a host parent?

It is really nice because my own kids don’t live at home anymore, it is just me and my husband. It is really nice because my husband always talks to them about football and things — we share so much together.

We used to be a host family when my girls were younger and we are still really close friends with those students… a couple of days ago my girls were in Spain and they went to visit one of the students who stayed with us before. She took them around everywhere!

So what are your plans for Christmas?

"Most of the students [in Charminster] will go home [at Christmas] but I will have 2 or 3 of them to stay at my house this Christmas… they were asking if they can help with the Christmas meal. We are planning a really nice Christmas dinner and my kids will come home as well. We will have a lovely Christmas because I know them all so well."