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Work Experience at Barlow Planetarium

24 Jan, 2024
Work Experience at Barlow Planetarium

Kings Wisconsin student, Michael Salim, tells us about his work experience at Barlow Planetarium.

"I got a job on campus working as a cashier for Barlow Planetarium. I work on the weekdays, so I do not have too busy of a workload. The usual routine in my job is to count the money in the drawer before I start my shift, log onto the work computer check if there are already pre-existing sales for the next show, and be present for any oncoming customers.

I usually talk with my co-workers or work on other things such as school assignments while waiting for customers. When a customer does show up, I just press a button and get them their ticket. On the occasion that they have a membership then I must check where they come from to see if they are eligible for a free ticket. At the end of my shift, I close the door and count the money in the drawer. If there is more cash than at the start, then I will have to file it.

Work at Barlow does not interfere with my studies, and I can say that it is so much more fun to be around co-workers who are so passionate about astronomy rather than studying alone."