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Winning the British Council Inspire! Scholarship to Kings Oxford

11 Apr, 2018
Winning the British Council Inspire! Scholarship to Kings Oxford

Kanruethai Thurakitseree (Charlotte), from Thailand, won a British Council Inspire! Scholarship for the opportunity to study at Kings Oxford for two weeks. She tells us about the competition and her experience in the UK.

Hi Charlotte. What did you study at Kings Oxford?
I took the Intensive Course, for two weeks.

Why did you want to come to the UK to improve your English?
I wanted to gain more understanding and fluency in every skill in English, because I believe that the daily usage of English makes me comprehend more of the nature of the language.

What was involved in applying for the British Council scholarship?
Firstly, get notified for the annual Inspire! Scholarship from the British Council Facebook page or website. The application normally requires applicants to fill in an online form and upload a 1-minute speech video according to the topic of each year. In my year, the topic was, 'If you have a chance to go to the UK, where would you go?'

After submitting the application, the result will be sent to the scholarship winner via e-mail within a couple of months.

How did your course go, and did you enjoy it?
This course went very well and knowledgeable. The teachers here were well-prepared in the studying materials and supportive to students. The focus of the course here also encouraged students to do a lot of discussion, speaking, and idea presentation, which boosts more articulation and understanding in English. I can feel that my English has improved, in both academic knowledge and communication skill; even I was there for only two weeks. Taken as a whole, I enjoyed the course very much.

Where did you stay whilst you attended Kings Oxford?
I stayed in a host family in Oxford. The host family was very friendly and caring. Moreover, the house was located in a convenient and safe neighbourhood. Overall, I was very happy with my stay.

Have you taken part in any of the extracurricular activities at Kings?
I joined the excursions offered by Kings and UK Study Tours every weekend. I have been to Cardiff, The Cotswolds, and London, which was amazing. As a keen traveller, I was contented with the variety of destinations that the excursions arrange each weekend.

You mentioned in your video that you wanted to visit London and Covent Garden — did you manage to do this?
I managed to visit London and it was very fun. Although I didn't have enough time to visit Covent Garden, the whole trip was still fantastic and I hope to come back here to visit Covent Garden and Oxford again.

Have you made any friends? Where were they from?
Absolutely. They are from various countries around the world, such as Brazil, Poland, Korea, and many more. The people studying here are very friendly and helpful. I have never imagined that being here will feel like home, but it really did. Definitely I would keep in touch with them.

What do you think of the school's location in the centre of Oxford? Did you explore the city centre?
Kings is located in one of the most convenient locations of Oxford. There are plenty of restaurants and convenient stores near the school. Additionally, I could easily walk to museums and shopping centres and did a lot of sightseeing in the magnificent city of Oxford.

Have you experienced other English language schools? If so how do they compare to Kings?
Yes, I have experienced two English language schools, one in Singapore and one in New Zealand. Truthfully, Kings has been the best for me. Firstly, for academic section, the school prioritizes the improvement of a student's English skills, so, teachers here kept a good track of a student's progress and were attentive. Furthermore, Kings has a lot of social activities, such as party, meeting, and excursion, which fulfilled a memorable experience abroad.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study?
Kings ticks all the boxes for people who are looking for a good English language course with superb experience abroad. The course allows students to learn and practice English more in every aspect and in a friendly community. Moreover, the social activities and nearby attractions near Kings will keep students entertained and comforted daily. Being at Kings made me feel like home and so far it has been one of the best experiences for me.