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Winning first place in Urban Street Jam dance competition

24 Apr, 2018
Winning first place in Urban Street Jam dance competition

Naya Jakile from Indonesia is a student and Social Media Ambassador at Kings Los Angeles (Marymount). In her free time she trains with dance team GRaVy Babies, who recently came first in the Urban Street Jam dance competition. She tells us about the event, and the pros and cons of being involved with the team.

I am from Indonesia and my major is Marketing. I have been dancing for 7 years now and my favorite genre of dance is Urban and Hip-Hop dancing.

Before moving to the United States, I have wanted to join the dance team GRaVy Babies for about 4 years now. This team is an independent team made in 2011 by David Lim (Director) and Marc Dizon (Co-Director). This past February I had the opportunity to audition for the team in Walnut, CA.

My friends on the team are mostly American students from different colleges. They have different backgrounds as well but we have all made it on to the team. Some students are from UC Irvine, UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona, and so on.

We competed at Urban Street Jam in Anaheim, CA and competed against other Los Angeles based teams. Urban Street Jam is a dance competition that has different divisions like juniors and adult teams and all-style battles. The competition was held at the Anaheim Convention Centre and there was a lot of people there. There were 19 upper division teams competing and my team and I managed to win first with a point of 98.

When joining this team there are definitely a lot of pros and cons, but with all of the cons I am still happy that I get to share the stage with some of the best dancers in town. I’ve dealt with problems such as transportation and tiredness but I have overcome those problems. 

I practice every Friday and Sunday and the hours vary. It is usually a 6-hour rehearsal and it challenges me mentally and physically because back home I was not used to the intensity of the practices. Although those practices verified us with a championship title!


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