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Winning a scholarship at Oshkosh, Fox Cities

12 Nov, 2019
Winning a scholarship at Oshkosh, Fox Cities

Bingrui from China, is in his second year at Kings at UW Oshkosh, Fox Cities and he is studying computer science. He recently won a scholarship for $1,500 and he here tells us about his life and studies in the US.

What made you pursue a college degree in America?

My desire to pursue higher education. I would like to be an outstanding person and I need to learn more things, so I came to the US to challenge myself.

What major are you interested in, and why?

 I am interested in computer science because I like solving problems. In computer science, we can create our own applications and solve problems. I would like to be a person like Mark Zuckerberg who is proficient in computer science. It also my dream to work in the car industry. I dream of designing electric or self-driving cars. I hope my studies in computer science can help me reach that goal.

What do you like about your computer science classes? What do you learn in class?

I think my professor is great and I enjoy talking with him. We learn about programming and solving problems. I like designing and creating my own applications.

What are your plans after graduation?

I will apply to graduate school and keep studying. I would like to get doctorate degree. That’s my goal.

What was your reaction to receiving the scholarship?

I was excited, of course! The scholarship is a great opportunity for me to continue to build my student profile. I am thankful for the people who made it possible, especially the Kings staff who walked me through the process.

What other ways has Kings helped you be successful?

 If we have English language problems, Kings has study table for us to recieve help. They are happy to help students with any questions. I also miss my family very much, and Kings often organizes activities for us to make our college life in the U.S. colorful.

What was it like to apply for a scholarship?

The application was fun. When I completed the application, I felt like I got a brief summary of all the activities I have participated in since I started studying at UWO, Fox Cities.

What are some of the activities you have participated in?

 I joined the soccer team, computer science club, engineering society and business club. I enjoy the soccer team most because we had a very good team, and we won the state championship. My teammates are friendly, and they are my good friends now. Playing soccer has been an unforgettable memory for me.

What would you tell others who are interested in applying for a scholarship?

Just try applying! You will never know if you get it unless you try. Also, do not be afraid of the essay. The word limit is very low so it is more like a short answer.