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Offers from three excellent US graduate schools

15 Mar, 2016
Offers from three excellent US graduate schools

Silvio Simonetti Neto studied English at Kings for six months. During his time at Kings, he prepared several applications for graduate school with the help of Kings staff and teachers. We are thrilled to announce that Silvio has been accepted to Pepperdine University (nationally ranked #52), George Mason University (#135), and Texas A&M University (#70) for a Master's in Public Policy. In addition to his acceptances, Silvio has also been offered a scholarship at Pepperdine (pictured top left) in excess of $25,000 and an additional scholarship at Texas A&M of $3,000.

We caught up with Silvio to ask him about his experience at Kings and his plans for the future!

Silvio, how long did you study with Kings?
I took one course for 11 weeks and then another for 15 weeks.

What aspects of Kings did you most enjoy?
It is hard to say. Kings is amazing! The staff are the best, the teachers and the other employees all make the time and are willing to help us with any problems. They are very patient and kind, therefore there it is a fantastic environment to develop our skills as students.

In what ways did Kings help prepare you for graduate school and their applications?
First of all, the American way to apply for a Master's is very different from the Brazilian way, and the process varies from one university to another. Thus, someone who understands the process might help you very much. Caitlin and Cassandra were these people for me. Second, Kings gave me guidance on how to get letters of recommendation (Patrick, a Kings' teacher, was one of my recommenders) and how to prepare for the GRE.

Why do you want to get your Master's degree in the US?
Because the USA has the best universities in the world.

What will you study?
I will attend a MPP (Master's in Public Policy). It will allow me to develop a good understanding of history, politics, and philosophy.

How did you decide to apply to these schools (Pepperdine, Texas A&M, and George Mason)?
I decided to apply to these schools because they have good programs in connection with my academic goals. When I was studying English in the US, I attended a summer vacation course in Economics. The faculty helped me identify schools that had strong programs in my interests.

What characteristics of a university are most important to you?
The most important characteristics of a university are academic freedom and the university’s commitment to the development of students’ skills.

What are you looking forward to the most?
Everything! I always had a dream of studying in an American university, and this dream is coming true.

What are your scholarships, and how did you apply for them?
I applied for scholarships when I applied for the Master's programs. Through the application process, you can "make your case" and explain why you are a good candidate for a scholarship. I was awarded a scholarship at Pepperdine as well as Texas A&M University.

How will you decide which school to attend?
I will analyze the cost and benefits of each university, and I will also consider characteristics such as scholarship and university location.

What do you plan on doing after graduation?
I will seek a PhD in this very area of study, and after that I intend to work in the Brazilian diplomatic service.  

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