Why we chose Kings Wisconsin

We recently spoke to Mrs. Caroline Silka Wibowo, a parent of an Indonesian student currently studying at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cities.

Why did you and Michael choose the US?

At the start, we were not too sure about university options however one thing is for sure, Michael has always been interested in taking nuclear engineering. Considering his degree aim, which is not a popular choice in Indonesia, naturally, Michael thought of going overseas to study. Japan was initially the first choice of destination, however Michael decided to let this go due to the language barrier. Therefore, the option fell with the United States as we have lived there in the past so we are somewhat accustomed to the lifestyle. In the end, Michael and I made the joint decision to go to the United States due to the country’s flexible education system and variety of high-ranking universities.

What made you and Michael choose the transfer program at Kings?

We did not know about the transfer program until meeting with our Kings Regional Manager. Before this meeting, Michael had already received an offer from another US University with a scholarship. However, after fully understanding the benefits of going through a transfer program, which includes cost savings, the opportunity to progress to a Top 50 university, better support and a smaller class size thus allowing easier transition, we believed that the GO Program at Kings is a bonafide and high-quality program.

Would you say that studying at Kings Wisconsin has made a positive impact on Michael?

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cities is located in Menasha, which is a smaller city and suitable for his studies. Michael can focus on his studies, with less distraction. Living in a smaller city also means that it is easier to get around for daily needs, whether going to the bank, cafes, malls, restaurants or something as simple as grocery shopping. Being away from home, Michael is now more independent and has transformed to be a more responsible young individual.

Due to the support from the Kings Wisconsin team, Michael has adapted quicky to his new life in Wisconsin, he is quick to make friends with other international students and Kings Wisconsin Team. In less than one year of his studies, Michael had the opportunity to be Kings Wisconsin's social media ambassador, which allowed him to further build his confidence and communication skills. Moreover, with the support and guidance of the Kings Wisconsin team, Michael was able to apply for two part-time jobs at the campus and a relevant Social Security Number. This is such a valuable life experience so that Michael can better exercise his time management, finding the right balance between studying, living and working in the U.S.

Last but not least, from a parent’s perspective, I truly feel that guidance and close monitoring from Kings is truly beneficial and crucial to ensure Michael’s academic success.

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