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Why we chose Kings Brighton for our A-levels

05 Feb, 2019
Why we chose Kings Brighton for our A-levels

Joe Nash Price-Evans and William Tampion-Lacey, both from the UK, are studying for A-levels at Kings Brighton. In this blog post for Kings Life they tell us what appealed to them about Kings.

William achieved AAA at GCSE whilst also completing the first year of his A-Levels and is now applying to university to study Chemistry.

Joe achieved ABBBC at GCSE whilst also completing the first year of his A-Levels. He is now studying the second year of A-levels and preparing to apply to university.

Welcome to Kings! The two of us started in September of 2018, taking A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.

We were impressed by the convenient location and the modern facilities that Kings had to offer. But the greatest attraction to Kings was the confidence that the teachers had in our ability to succeed.

The dedicated teachers and small class sizes mean that every student gets an education to suit them and, with students from around the world, everybody was open and friendly towards us.

Kings is located in central Brighton, an incredibly diverse place where something is always going on. Be it a festival, musical performance, theatre performance or sporting event, there is something for everyone. With so much going on in Brighton there is a large variety of people from different countries and cultures which means everyone can find a place to feel comfortable.

All the staff at Kings Brighton are incredibly dedicated, even on the rainiest of days (which happen to be quite frequent...) they still manage to remain cheerful. Every teacher is truly passionate about their subject and can really relate to their students. They understand that every student is unique and has a slightly different way of learning; they really cater to this well.