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Why study A-level Government and Politics?

09 Jan, 2022
Why study A-level Government and Politics?

Studying A-level Government and Politics will provide insight into political beliefs central to an understanding of the modern world. It also develops analytical and evaluative skills in relation to interesting topics prevalent in the turbulent political climate of today.

The course also provides foundation of political knowledge on which to develop skills for citizenship and university study. Example degree courses which generally require or accept Politics A-level include Politics, Economics, Journalism, Law, International Relations, History and Social Policy.

What will you study during Government and Politics A-level?

Specific content covered within A-level Government and Politics may vary from school to school, and depending on the exam board followed. Within the Edexcel specification however, topics covered currently include democracy in the context of the UK, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the role of the media, UK constitution and parliament, the EU, the US Constitution, US federalism, US Supreme Court and civil rights and US Congress.

What skills will you get from studying Government and Politics?

Studying this subject will develop your understanding of structures of authority and power, how political systems differ, and enable you to interpret, evaluate and comment on the nature of politics and government. You will also develop a range of transferrable analytical, debating and communication skills - all of which are vaulable in a wide range of careers.

What careers can studying Government and Politics lead to?

An A-level in Government and Politics provides an excellent background for careers in law, journalism, the caring professions, teaching, and a range of management and business areas.

Top 20 universities for Politics
(The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022)

1 University of St Andrews
2 University of Oxford
3 = University of Warwick
3 = London School of Economics and Political Science
5 University of Cambridge
6 University College London
7 Lancaster University
8 University of Strathclyde
9 University of Bath
10 King's College London
11 University of Stirling
12 Durham University
13 Aberystwyth University
14 University of Sheffield
15 University of Glasgow
16 = University of York
16 = University of Essex
18 University of Edinburgh
19 University of Surrey
20 SOAS University of London

Below are real-life examples of what university degrees studying A-level Government and Politics, in combination with other subjects, can lead to.

Politics/ Economics/ Maths University of York Politics with International Relations
Politics/ Economics/ Maths University of York Philosophy, Politics and Economics

For more details on the Government and Politics A-level and syllabus, take a look at our dedicated factsheet