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Why study A-level Art and Design?

10 Mar, 2022
Why study A-level Art and Design?

A-level Art and Design lays excellent foundations for a career in the creative industries, although the ability to 'think outside the box' and the observational skills learnt through this subject are considered valuable in a whole spectrum of professions. There are many art-related career paths that Art A-level can ultimately lead to, although even for those students focusing on more scientific subjects, Art can provide a welcome and useful contrast that equips them with a complementary set of skills.

By studying A-level Art, students can then access an Art Foundation course which equips them with the final qualification required to start an Art and Design related degree in the UK.

What will you do as part of A-level Art and Design?

Art and Design is an exploration of practical and critical/contextual work through a range of 2D and/or 3D processes and mediums. By studying A-level Art, students have the opportunity to develop and express their creativity and ideas through a range of artistic areas and media including fine art, graphical communication, textile design, three-dimensional design and photography. They also have the chance to nurture more transferrable skills, which are valued in a whole range of sectors.

What skills will you get from studying Art and Design?

As well as specific skills related to competence in art and design, the study of this subject is widely credited with nurturing all-round problem solving skills, visual analysis, the ability to find creative solutions and make critical judgements, and the capacity to work outside your comfort zone.

What careers can the study of Art and Design lead to?

Careers using creative skills include animation, fine art, fashion design, graphic design, illustration, photography, print making and product design.

Careers appreciating creative skills include arts administration, art teaching, art/fashion critique, art journalism, arts travel, museum or gallery curation.

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Top 20 universities for Art and Design (The Times, 2023)

1 University of Oxford
2 Loughborough University
3 University of Glasgow
4 Lancaster University
5 Kingston University
6 Bangor University
7 Newcastle University
8 University of Reading
9 University of Edinburgh
10 University of Leeds
11 University of Dundee
12 Glasgow Caledonian University
13 Nottingham Trent University
14= University of the Westminster
14= Goldsmiths, University of London
14= Staffordshire University
17 Sheffield Hallam University
18= University of Manchester
18= Bournemouth University
20 Coventry University

Below are real-life examples of some of the university degrees that studying A-level Art and Design, in combination with other subjects, can lead to.

Art/ Physics/ Maths Newcastle University Architecture
Art/ Physics/ Maths/ Further Maths University of California Architecture
Art/ Physics/ Maths/ Further Maths University of Edinburgh Business Management
Art/ Physics/ Maths/ Further Maths University of Sheffield Architecture
Art/ Politics/ Russian/ History University of Art, Norwich Art and the History of Art
Art/ Physics/ Maths/ Further Maths University of the Arts Bournemouth Animation Production

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