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Kings Los Angeles: Why students chose Kings LA

05 Jun, 2022
Kings Los Angeles: Why students chose Kings LA

With the summer coming in hot here in Los Angeles, we are starting to see an uptake in the amount of students attending Kings LA.

We know that the glitz and glam of Hollywood attracts people from all over, but we wanted to take the time to highlight why students chose to attend our wonderful school. Let’s take a look at what students who are learning English here at Kings LA had to say!

Juan Sebastian Mena Romero: Columbia, English Level 3

“I chose to come to Kings LA because English is a very important tool in life, and I really wanted to come to a school that I knew would truly push me to learn English.”

Matteus Prado Lopes Guimarães: Brazil, English Level 7

“I chose to come to Kings LA because I love LA, and Kings is best known for being one of the best english schools in LA. Also, it’s in Hollywood, and I thought that Hollywood would be the coolest place to live.”

Soomin Kim: South Korea, Film Course

“Kings LA gave me the perfect opportunity to leave my country and live in LA. It was my way to open myself up to new possibilities.”

Anouk Julie Junkers: Germany, English Level 7

“I chose to study English at Kings LA because of the possibility to live right in Hollywood near all of the beautiful hotspots, nice restaurants and at the same time make new friends for life.”

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