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What we look for in a prospective medical student

13 May, 2019
What we look for in a prospective medical student

Paul Steele, A-level Course Director explains what he looks for in a prospective medical student.

"Aside from a very strong academic ability, students need to display strong supporting qualities. Together, this builds the kind of profile that universities look for in successful candidates.

I counsel many Kings students on how to make themselves the outstanding candidate that they need to be to gain entry to a medical degree. My starting point is always to ensure that students are clear as to why they want to be a Doctor; What have they done that would lead me to believe that this is a genuine interest and concern not just in the science but in caring and concern for others in need?

Work Hard. The overall need is to do well in Biology, Chemistry and their other subject. A grades are a minimum requirement.

Take advantage of the opportunities that we at Kings provide to prepare you for the challenges ahead — UKCAT, BMAT, practice interviews, Medical School Open Days, writing powerful and effective Personal Statements.

Do not forget to work hard also on your English standard and understanding: interviews, aptitude tests and university offers all rely on really good English. Work with your dedicated mentor researching the differing Medical schools with their varying requirements.

Take advantage of any voluntary opportunities or work experience in caring for others. Universities want to see a history of commitment on your part. Work with our voluntary work advisor to find suitable placements.

Maintain your focus and commitment for the long haul. Training to be a doctor is a long process and demands tenacity, dedication and strong will. But the rewards are life-changing — for you, and those you will help throughout your career."