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What teachers say about online teaching

23 Apr, 2020
What teachers say about online teaching

We asked some of our teachers how they are adapting to teaching online with SmartClass.

Here’s what they have to say.

SmartClass gives the chance for some individual attention that sometimes gets missed in normal lessons. The different environment…works really well with smaller groups. It's more of a relaxed atmosphere Which may suit some students.”

Nick Davids
Assistant Director of Studies, Kings Oxford

SmartClass has proven that online teaching, and thereby facilitating learning, is achievable. Most of the methodological process we use (such as engaging students through key words, quotes, images, etc., using audio and video, reading, writing, and discussion) are replicable.

“Pair work/small group work…is achievable through 'break-out rooms'. We have all learned new delivery techniques that build upon traditional teaching techniques, which has opened up new potentialities”

Marc Burgess
Senior Teacher