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What makes the English Plus Film course so unique?

02 Aug, 2019
What makes the English Plus Film course so unique?

As the latest English Plus Film course graduates get the chance to screen their films at Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood), teacher Ryan Bean explains what makes this course so unique.

On 27th June, the student lounge at Kings Hollywood was packed with students and staff for what is the culmination of the English Plus Film course: the end-of-course student film screening.

Here the English Plus Film students had the opportunity to share their hard work with their fellow Kings classmates. Through their hard work and dedication, the students finished seven short films. The genres ranged from drama, comedy, thriller and action.

The English Plus Film course is unique because it is an 'experiential' English language learning environment. Filmmaking can be its own language, especially with the myriad of specialized filmmaking vocabulary presented. The students get grammar and writing practice while creating, sharing, and revising their scripts. They get listening and speaking practice when communicating with each other on set. This goes beyond everyday English conversation — English Plus Film students get experience expressing themselves creatively, communicating their artistic visions to their fellow classmates. Acting, and emoting, in English can prove to be an especially exciting challenge.

The English Plus Film course is also unique in that it consists of the same group of students for the full course term. During their 12 weeks together, the students must work together closely, and always end up forming tight bonds. They have to trust and encourage each other in the challenging and varied roles involved in making short films.

Graduation, the day after the student film screening, is always an emotional one. But the English Plus Film students take with them lasting international relationships, and the tools needed to continue telling meaningful stories in English.

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