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What I like about my life in the USA

15 Oct, 2018
What I like about my life in the USA

Maryam Orujova, from Azerbaijan, is taking the High School Completion Program at Kings Los Angeles (Marymount). She spent the summer studying English Plus Film at Kings Hollywood, and shares her favourite aspects of life in and around LA.

Honestly speaking I like everything about America. Life here is brimming with freedom, and positivity. Things I personally enjoy the most about life in the USA have to be entertainment opportunities, the people, and what stores are able to offer its customers.

To begin with, when it comes to entertainment there are many aspects of it in the USA, and all are well developed. America has a great selection of art museums, some of which like The Broad and The Getty Center are free to enter. If you are on a budget and like contemporary art, I would strongly advise The Broad; conversely, if you are into classical or ancient art forms The Getty Centre is the best fit for you.

In addition, there is a huge number of parks with breath taking views. Talking of breath taking views, you could go to the Griffith Park Observatory, which is — guess what? — free! Moreover, on a sunny day you are more than welcome to visit some of the nicest beaches in the world. Not only will a day on the beach cost you nothing, but you will also have a great time, for the beaches here tend to be very clean, have warm water, and are family-friendly (again it depends on the beach: if you are a teenager who likes it noisy I would recommend Venice Beach or Santa Monica Beach; I personally prefer the family-friendly ones like Redondo Beach, which is my favourite for its peaceful atmosphere).

What I am trying to convey is that entertainment in the USA isn't always pricey. You could have the best time of your life, and spend absolutely no money on it; which (to me) is a strong pull factor.

In addition, stores here like Target, Ralphs, Walgreens, Trader Joes, Sprout, and the lists goes on and on, are my favourite places to visit. They have a huge selection of whatever goods you need. There simply isn't a thing you won't find at Target; however, Target is famous for household objects, while Ralphs and Walgreens have affordable groceries. But keep in mind, if you are ready to spend a lot of money on grocery shopping and want the best quality goods then Trader Joes and Sprout are just for you.

Furthermore, the people of the USA are the best part of this country. I have never seen in my entire life this many friendly people. They are normally willing to smile to you on daily basis, people are so friendly — strangers might greet you or even compliment for no reason, which is something I found unbelievably amusing when I first got here. I will come clean, I got used to that later; nevertheless, this daily dose of positivity from people around me keeps me enthusiastic about my life and studies in the USA.

As I mentioned earlier, what makes me really happy is that I get to save a lot of money on entertainment, and groceries (by shopping at Ralphs mostly). On the weekends I just visit various museums, beaches or parks, that don’t charge me a single cent. Also, in my opinion, the fact that people are so sweet here makes it the best place to live.


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