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Welcoming the Fisher College Fall 2021 cohort to Kings Boston

16 Sep, 2021
Welcoming the Fisher College Fall 2021 cohort to Kings Boston

This week, Kings Boston at Fisher College welcomed the Fall 2021 cohort, among them few students (including Mana Kobayashi, pictured above with her Kings Progression Advisor, Chuck Kaufman) who had started their studies remotely due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, but have now managed to travel to the US to study in-person and live in the Fisher campus dormitory.

During the Kings Progression Orientation led by Chuck, incoming students learned about the foundations of the US Higher Education system, including the classroom expectations, academic integrity, and grading system. The students also learned about the Kings progression timeline and common courses required for different majors.

Lastly, the students learned about what kinds of services are offered to them through the Kings Premium Universities program at Fisher and were encouraged to set up monthly appointments with Chuck, their KPA.

As part of the Welcome/Orientation week, all KPU students at Fisher campus were invited for lunch at a nearby cafe for a free meal and socializing opportunity with the Boston KPA and the Kings Boston Director.

We wish all our new students the best of luck as they embark on their studies, and a very happy first semester with us!