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BBQ party for Kings students at Cal State Fullerton

13 Oct, 2021
BBQ party for Kings students at Cal State Fullerton

October 9th, 2021 marked our first social event for the Kings students at Cal State Fullerton since before the pandemic. Progression Advisor Billy Bodin reports back...

Prior to the start of the semester, the closest contact the Kings students had to their peers were in Zoom meetings and breakout rooms. Fall 2021 was their first taste of the college experience. The first taste of American burgers and hotdogs straight from the grill. Whether they lived at the Kings apartments or on-campus, every Kings student was invited to the barbecue.

The goal of the event was to give students the chance the "blow off some steam" and celebrate all their hard work thus far. Also, it was a good opportunity to meet other Kings students living in different communities.

Guests brought other snacks and food to share. It was nice to see all the student socializing, especially since this was their first time meeting each other. For me, it was wholesome to see all of them in one place, bonding over grilled meats and Lay's potato chips!

When the grill was off, the students stayed and kept hanging out and talked about their countries, favorite shows, and things to do in California. The perfect weather made it pleasant to stay out after the sun had set.

Before everyone went back to their dorms and apartments, I gave a quick speech about how proud I was of them for getting through the challenges of the pandemic and persevering through their classes. Although the college experience isn't exactly how they imagine it, they are making the most of every moment.

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