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Volunteering during summer break at Gardenview Assisted Living

09 Dec, 2018
Volunteering during summer break at Gardenview Assisted Living

In August, students participating in the Kings Accelerated Summer Program at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, Fox Cities campus put their volunteer skills to use by visiting Gardenview Assisted Living, a home for the elderly who need extra assistance in their daily life.

Students on the Accelerated Summer Program earn credits during summer break while learning about the U.S. higher education system, exploring local culture and history, and receiving academic support.

The week of their visit, the students had been learning about exciting ways to get involved in extracurricular activities while being university students. During their GO: Madison program, students discussed the importance of building their student profile and getting involved on campus and in the community.

As part of the GO: Madison program, students had the opportunity to volunteer at nearby Gardenview in Menasha, Wisconsin. Using group work skills they had developed throughout the GO: Madison program, students collaborated throughout the week to create an enjoyable activity for the residents of Gardenview.

When the day arrived, the class spent the afternoon playing the games they had prepared with the residents. The students divided themselves and the residents into two different groups. One group played Uno and the other group played a modified version of Pictionary. While playing games, students enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with the residents and learn about local history and culture. The residents also enjoyed meeting students from China, Mexico, Panama and South Korea. A good time was had by all!