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Volunteering at local elementary school's Multicultural Night

16 May, 2023
Volunteering at local elementary school's Multicultural Night

On May 16, Kings student leaders Aika (Japan), Qingyi (China), & Sofiia (Ukraine) volunteered at the Ronald C. Dunlap Elementary School's Multicultural Night.

The 90-minute event was hosted in collaboration with community members, volunteers, and students. Northwest Wisconsin Chinese Association (NWCA), Long Cheng Dance Team, and Kings’ Wisconsin Team were a few of the presenters, along with other community members who were representing their country and cultures.

The event was divided into two. The first half involved cultural performances, with NWCA's Lion Dance, the Long Chen Dance team's Hmong Dance, and Elementary students singing songs in their native language.

The second half of the event was cultural display, where each team had a poster of their country. The Dunlap students were able to go from table to table, asking questions, and collecting stamps on a 'Passport' ! Those who had 10 stamps from different countries at the end won prizes! Some of the countries represented were: South Korea, China, Japan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Hmong, Native America, as well as some Latin American countries.

They also had a variety of foods and drinks. Some were homemade, while the others were ordered from restaurants, but all represented the countries that were there. The event was open to all the students at Dunlap Elementary school and their family members. It was a good opportunity to be involved in the community and to share information about different cultures to promote understanding and break stereotypes.

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