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Visits to Top 50 universities across the US this November

01 Dec, 2023
Visits to Top 50 universities across the US this November

This November, our Kings Premium Universities students enjoyed visiting Top 50 Universities across the US such as Southern California University (USC), New York University (NYU) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Reaching the dream: a tour University of Southern California

Kings students at Cal State Fullerton recently ventured to the prestigious University of Southern California (USC), currently ranked 28th in the nation. This eye-opening experience provided our students with an invaluable opportunity to explore USC’s renowned campus, engage with faculty members, and gain insights into the academic and extracurricular offerings.

During the visit, students experienced the lively USC community and explored its innovative programs and campus life. They visited the School of Cinematic Arts, which is ranked as the top film program globally, with excellent facilities and industry connections. The USC Viterbi School of Engineering also offers top programs in Information Technology and Engineering, including the #1 ranked Game/Simulation Development major.

USC's highest-ranked undergraduate programs include Game/Simulation Development (1), Real Estate (7), Accounting (9), International Business (12), and Engineering (31). USC looks for students who will thrive in their academic environment, considering qualities beyond grades and test scores such as personal qualities, leadership potential, and partnership in learning and research.

Students also enjoyed lunch at USC Village, a popular area among students, which features diverse cuisines, cafes, a gym, and convenient shopping stores. The journey not only fostered a sense of aspiration and motivation but also strengthened the bonds within our close-knit community.

New York University: A distinctive college experience

Kings students at the College of Mount Saint Vincent got the opportunity to delve into the academic richness of New York University (NYU) ranked #35 nationally. Our students explored diverse academic interests and immersed themselves in the vibrant NYU community. The urban campus, surrounded by iconic city buildings, added a unique and dynamic dimension to their experience. NYU boasts remarkable national rankings in various majors, with the Finance program securing the #2 spot, the Business major at #5, and the Nursing program earning the #10 position.

NYU's admissions process for transfer students is highly competitive and goes beyond just a strong GPA. Applicants must submit a comprehensive application that includes grades and extracurricular activities. Two essays are required, focusing on why NYU is the right fit, reasons for transferring, aspirations, and alignment with academic and personal goals. Student Success Advisors provide support throughout the entire process, helping students build their profile and highlight their strengths.

Where Innovation Meets Tech: Visiting Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kings students at Fisher College were able to explore the world of innovation at MIT, a globally renowned institution ranked #2. MIT, a hub for cutting-edge advancements, provided unique opportunities. Students engaged with pioneering faculty as they explored the state-of-the-art campus, and gained first-hand insights into technological progress.

Noteworthy rankings include MIT's #1 position in Engineering, which spans Aerospace and Chemical Engineering. Furthermore, MIT claims the top spot in Computer Systems and Analytics. These impressive standings make MIT a compelling choice for our students.

MIT is a prestigious institution with 101 Nobel Prize Laureates and 11 current Nobel Laureate faculty members. It has a highly competitive admission process, with an acceptance rate of under 4% (33,000 applications received last year, 1,337 first-year students were admitted.)

The experience of studying at MIT enriches students' understanding of science and innovation, aligning with Kings Boston's commitment to academic excellence and preparing scholars for a future focused on innovation.