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Kings Boston: Visiting Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

30 Jul, 2022
Kings Boston: Visiting Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Our students at Kings Boston recently took a tour of MIT. Student Services Coordinator, Matthew Ford, tells us how it went below.

"On July 14th, I took my biggest group of students yet on a tour around Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

All fourteen students decided to take a group photo on the grand stairway outside of the Rogers Building, or Building 7, at 77 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, MA. Not only does this stairway lead into a large 30-meter vertical space (Lobby 7), it's also the main entrance to the impressive Infinite Corridor, a 251-meter hallway that serves as the quickest route from eastern campus to west. Designed by William W. Bosworth in 1913, the Infinite Corridor is also home to a bi-annual event known to students and faculty as MIThenge. In November and January, the Sun aligns lengthwise down the entire hallway, filling the whole 823 feet of corridor with light. I told the students about this phenomenon, and we entered into Rogers Building to take a peek. Sadly off limits for visitors, the Infinite Corridor seemed never ending from our distant vantage point.

Later, we entered into the Ray and Maria Stata Center, or Building 32, home of multiple MIT laps, departments, and cafes. Seemingly containing an area for recreation, the interior of the center led us to foosball. Pebolim, according to the Argentinian students, who shared the Portuguese translation with their humble tour guide, foosball is a game in which two teams of two face off in a handheld version of soccer--or futbol, depending on who you ask.

All and all, this tour was a great success. The students had fun, and their tour guide got to enjoy offering them some insight into the world of Ivy League academia in grand old USA."

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