UWS Myanmar school building project for 2018

Having already funded the building and on-going costs of schools in Cambodia, we are delighted to announce that the fourth year of our partnership with UWS will see us supporting their work in a new country. Our latest school building project will be in a remote ethnic minority region of Myanmar.

We are fundraising to build a brand-new school in Harkwe, a wonderful but incredibly remote and impoverished community in the east of the country.

The village is within the Shan State, an area of Myanmar suffering chronically from a lack of government investment. There are thousands of out-of-school children here, estimated by UNESCO to be more than Cambodia and Nepal combined!

The plan is to build not just a school but also the first toilets for the village and a fresh water well. The school grounds should also provide a location for villagers to build shelters for orphans in order to provide them with access to education and opportunities that would otherwise never exist.

Please help us reach our target so that we can provide the opportunity of education for some of the people on earth who need it most.