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Kings University Fair 2020: University presentation highlights

23 Nov, 2020
Kings University Fair 2020: University presentation highlights

As well as the hundreds of one-to-one appointments which took place throughout the Kings University Fair this year, there were also a number of group presentations hosted by the universities which were available for all Kings students to attend. Here are some of the highlights.

University of Manchester

Anisa Atlasi, from the University of Manchester, hosted a session for Kings students that firstly gave an overview of the university, and then moved on to offer some advice for how students can develop their profile and enhance their personal statement during uncertain times. Anisa is the International Offices for the university, and an ex-student herself!

She began her talk with an introduction to Manchester as a city. Although Manchester is perhaps most well-known globally for it’s football clubs, there’s a lot more to city than just football! Manchester is the UK’s most popular student city and has an incredibly diverse and welcoming community where you can meet people from all over the world.

The University of Manchester has three faculties in total, with five individual schools within them — Humanities, Biology, Medicine and Health Sciences, Science and Engineering. It’s home to the Alliance Manchester Business School, the Manchester School or Architecture, and a new state-of-the-art Engineering facility is currently being built.

Preparing for the future in uncertain times

The second half of the talk offered students some advice on how they could best prepare for the future during the uncertain times that we are currently facing. Anisa suggested that, in absence of all the normal opportunities that would be available, students should ‘COVID-proof’ their personal statements in other ways this year to help them stand out from the crowd:

  1. Digital engagement — take online courses using providers, such as FutureLearn and Coursera; attend online lectures and workshops, such as TED Talks and university lectures; create a podcast, YouTube channel or blog that’s related to your subject area.
  2. Keep up to date — ensure that you keep up to date on the news and current affairs around the academic area that you’re interested in. This will help to give your personal statement context and demonstrates your knowledge.
  3. Networking — utilise your personal networks as well as online network such as LinkedIn to reach out to future employers or leaders in your field to ask for their advice or to point you towards useful resources.

More information about how to get in touch with the university and details of upcoming open days and online events can be found on their website.

University of Southampton

Elodie Sprenger, from the University of Southampton, hosted a session on ‘Things to consider when choosing your university’.

Elodie advised students to think about the future career that they’re aiming for and then work back from there. If you’re not yet sure about a career, you should consider your interests and passions — what will you enjoy studying for the next 3 – 4 years?

She stressed the importance of doing as much research as possible about the multitude of options available and suggested useful websites such as Prospects and the UCAS website as a great starting point, as well as official league tables such as the Times Good University Guide, or the Guardian University Guide.

Another important consideration is the student experience, which covers everything from the facilities, location, and size of the university, to the clubs and societies available and the university ethos. You should make sure the universities that you apply to can satisfy your requirements in these areas to ensure you can have the student experience you are looking for.

She then went on to introduce Southampton as a university to Kings students in a bit more detail. University of Southampton is located on the South coast of England, in the city of Southampton — one of the top three cities in the UK to live in, according to the Good Growth for Cities report. They offer over 350 different courses, across 65 subject areas, and five faculties.

As well as performing consistently well in terms of rankings — both overall, and in specific subject areas — the University of Southampton is home to a range of unique facilities such as the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, a wind tunnel complex, a Bloomberg Trading Suite, and the Southampton Nanofabrication Centrel.

There are many ways for Kings students to get in touch with the university to find out more about their programmes, including webinars, chats with current students and staff and lots of Virtual Open Day content available online on-demand. Head to the university website to find our more.

University of Bath

The session with University of Bath was hosted by Sue Garrett, a Student Recruitment Manager at the university. She wanted to introduce Bath to Kings students and give a detailed overview of the courses available.

Recognising that many of our students are international and may not be familiar with UK higher education, Sue began with a useful introduction to how university courses are conducted in the UK, with a combination lectures, seminars, lab sessions, practical sessions, and independent study. Average contact time — the time you spend being taught by lecturers — varies across courses but is usually around 10.– 27 hours per week.

The University of Bath is located in the South West of England, close to Bristol and around 80 minutes by train to London. It’s a campus university but is very close to the old city of Bath which can be accessed by a short bus journey, or on foot. Campus facilities include library, shops, nightclubs, medical and dental centres, and plenty of quality student accommodation.

Bath offers a huge range of undergraduate degree options, of which all of them, apart from Architecture and Psychology, accept the Kings Advanced Level Foundation for entry, as well as A-levels.

Over two thirds of students at University of Bath choose to undertake a year-long professional placement during their third year. Placement providers in recent years have included well-known companies such as L’Oreal, Disney, and Microsoft. Overseas exchange opportunities are also available in 26 countries including the US, Australia and Singapore.

There is lots of support available for international students at Bath as they make the transition to university, and a full programme of ‘International Student Welcome Week’ events take place every September. Sue encouraged Kings students to visit the university website for details of upcoming sample lectures, virtual open days and webinars.

As well as the talks mentioned here, the university fair also saw sessions presented by:

  • University of Strathclyde
  • University of Westminster
  • University of Bristol

Thank you to all the universities who attended and make the fair such a success.