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Two wonderful weeks in Brighton: a magical city

18 Sep, 2019
Two wonderful weeks in Brighton: a magical city

Linda Buscema, from Italy, was one of Kings Brighton's first students. She took the Compact Course for 2 weeks. She describes her stay and gives us her top tips for being in Brighton.

What course did you take and what were your lessons like?
I attended the general Compact course for two weeks, the first part of the lesson was about grammar and vocabulary, the second part was about speaking and listening. I really enjoyed the speaking and listening part, we socialized and we had so much fun trying to do speeches about every kind of topics. One of my favorite activities was about pretending to be a detective and trying to find out who stole some things from the reception.

Why did you decide to take this course? Do you have specific future plans which require English skills?
I'm planning to go to England after high school. I really want to study Criminology there, maybe in Brighton! So, I have to practice English and improve it as well as possible. I think losing myself in a different culture, especially the one I love, is the best way to learn and have great moments at the same time.

What made you choose Kings Brighton?
I was looking for a characteristic place, not for a high-traffic city, with small and unique shops, landmarks and the sea. I found Brighton and I totally fell in love with this city. Furthermore I knew that a new school, Kings Brighton, was going to be opened. I thought, 'Why not? I'll be one of the first students!'

I visited the website, I saw the pictures of the building and the rooms and I figured out that it had to be my place. And that's it! I loved everything about that school, from the classes to the teachers!

Where did you stay?
I stayed at the Kings Brighton residence, my room was wonderful and there were all the most useful things for a student. Also the accommodations are modern-looking, with a spacious desk and a bulletin board. There I had relaxing time during my stay, so I totally recommend it!

What do you think about the school facilities?
There were a lot of classes equipped with PC and interactive whiteboard that we used all the time for the activities, some outdoor places, the laundry and actually my favorite one: the cafeteria! I was always on time for breakfast, best meal at Kings Brighton. You can choose between sweet and salt [savoury] breakfast or if you want you can choose both! And if you stay at the residence, you'll really like the common room. I love how much this place is modern-looking.

Linda exploring Brighton Pier and The Lanes

Which activities or excursions did you take part in?
I took part in some activities: the one-day trip to Windsor, the bowling evening and the one-day trip to London. We took the bus in the early morning and we came back in the afternoon. I enjoyed most the trip to Windsor. What a wonderful place! We visited the Queen's castle and I have no word to describe it. It's just huge and wonderful.

Did you discover any good places to shop/ eat/ explore while you were in Brighton?
I did a lot of researches before the departure for Brighton about all the places I have to visit, all the restaurants and the shops and I made a list.

If you are looking for somewhere to eat you can choose between a lot of places. For sushi, I've been to Itsu. For pizza, V.I.P. Very Italian Pizza; for a fast meal you can go to Pret A Manger or Nova. If you are very hungry there is an all-you-can-eat restaurant called Bon Appetit.

Also, I love going shopping and I spent most of the time walking through the North Laine, typical streets where you can find vintage shops. The biggest one is Snooper's Paradise, I've been there for circa 10 times! I also went to the Sea Life aquarium, that was a great experience.

As this was your first visit to the UK, was it what you expected?
It was totally better than what I was expected. It has been such an incredible experience and I'll never forget the time in England. I'm so grateful to Kings Brighton because there I had the best time of my life. I met awesome people from different countries, I visited amazing places and thanks to this opportunity I decided that I want to live in England in the future.

Would you recommend Brighton as a destination for other students?
I absolutely recommend Brighton firstly as a holiday destination, because it's a magic city to visit, and obviously as a study destination, so you can do what you have to and have great time at the same time.