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Two minutes with…Stephanie Dixon

01 Oct, 2021
Two minutes with…Stephanie Dixon

Meet one of our ELP and Go:Prepared teachers in Wisconsin, Stephanie Dixon.

Hi Stephanie. How long have you worked at Kings and what did you do before?

I have worked at Kings for a month now, but before I worked as a Preschool teacher.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy getting to engage with the students while helping them solve the puzzle that is English. I always enjoy seeing that “ah-ha” moment when a topic or grammar point clicks. Being able to work with the students and my new coworkers makes me look forward to each day.

What do you like most about Wisconsin?

I am originally from HOT Louisiana, so I enjoy the winters here in Wisconsin the most. I like, specifically, the community that is felt in Menasha and the diversity in Appleton. One of my favorite things to do so far in Wisconsin is going up north to visit either Door County or take a pontoon boat on Eagle River.

Where is the best place you’ve visited?

In 2018-2019 I taught and lived in South Korea. It is still one of the favorite places that I have visited. I fell in love with the culture and the food. I even taught myself some Korean recipes so that I can satisfy my cravings here.

What is the last book you read?

I am currently reading Enola Holmes and the Black Barouche by Nancy Spinger.

What is your favorite film?

Any Harry Potter film or Disney film.

What would be your ideal character to play in a film?

A wizard at Hogwarts!

Which well-known figure would you most like to invite to dinner?

Frida Kahlo – I want to know how she found the strength even though the odds were stacked against her. She is truly and inspiration and was a strong woman!

What is your favorite quote?

“Every day has the potential to be the greatest day of your life.” - Lin Manuel Miranda