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MIT tour attracts the largest group so far

22 Jun, 2023
MIT tour attracts the largest group so far

On Thursday, June 22nd, Kings Boston welcomed its largest tour group yet. Twenty-two students met with Matt, the Student Experience Coordinator, and walked to MIT for a tour of the renowned technological institute.

"When I arrived at the lobby of 111 Beacon Street to meet the students for the tour, I saw four students and thought, 'Wow, this is going to a small one.'" Matt explains that he then discovered more students waiting outside...many more! He looked outside to find not one, not two, but nineteen more students standing around.

Touring MIT was an interesting experience as we explored renowned buildings, learnt about groundbreaking research, and witnessed state-of-the-art laboratories.

Kings Boston is reaching its busiest time of the year. Mid-June, the number of students begins to increase substantially until, by early June, it has skyrocketed.

And, with 4th of July around the corner, Matt knows Boston is only going to get busier. "On Independence Day, the city gets crowded beyond belief—especially at the hatch shell."

The Edward A. Hatch Memorial Shell, an outdoor concert venue on the Charles River Esplanade where, come July 4th, hundreds upon hundreds of people will be listening to the Boston Pops and watching dazzling arrays of fireworks.

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