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Transferring to the University of Rochester to study Film and Media

10 May, 2019
Transferring to the University of Rochester to study Film and Media

Yiyuan Chen, from China, started preparing for a degree in Film and Media Studies with Kings Boston at Pine Manor College, and recently received transfer offers from University of Rochester (ranked #33), University of Georgia (#46), University of Wisconsin-Madison (#49), University of Miami (#53), and The Ohio State University (#56).

Where are you from and why did you decide to study in the US?

I'm from Shanghai, in China. I came to the US so I can absorb more knowledge from higher education. In US colleges, people can create more and have the freedom to speak.

What do you like about studying in Boston?

Boston is a very diverse city. There are lots of international students in Boston because there are lots of good universities in Boston. I can meet a lot of people who have the same interests as me. Also Boston is a very classic city, I think. The buildings are beautiful (and old). I especially like the parks, like Boston Common. I can relax myself there and feed the pigeons and squirrels on the weekend. After walking with my friends or my dog in the park, I feel very satisfied.

What is your major and what do you like about it?

I chose Film and Media as my major because I'm a fan of film and TV shows. I can learn about a lot of things like different cultures and different people's attitudes and spirits. Films and TV shows can help me navigate away from thinking about things that depress me or make me feel pressured or stressed. Someday I want to have film-making business so I can express my thoughts through film and change the world, not just make money.

Where are you going to transfer and why?

I will transfer to the University of Rochester because I feel like Rochester is focused on art and performance. There is a famous theater at Rochester. I think studying in an artistic atmosphere will help me with my major and make me a more elegant person.

How did Kings help you with your transfer application process?

Kings helped me a lot. They taught me how to apply to schools step by step and solved my questions and problems. They also helped me revise my essays, fix my grammar, and gave me suggestions that helped me think in the right way about my essays. In addition, they encouraged me a lot and gave me the confidence to believe I could get into a good university. I actually got into five good universities!

How did your Pine Manor College courses help you increase your academic skills?

Pine Manor College has English 101 and 102 courses. When I first came to the US, I didn't know how to write a good academic essay and these courses helped me to improve my writing skill and make my essays more logical and persuasive. PMC also has a lot of art and physical courses, like Drawing, Graphic Design, Dance and Yoga. These courses are interesting and very fun. I felt less pressure during these courses. Dance and Yoga also made me healthier!

Did you participate in any extracurricular activities at Pine Manor College?

Actually, Pine Manor has lots of activities for students. I'm the photographer for the Science Club. We hang out and go to some museums. Besides having fun, we also learn knowledge about science. It was very useful to learn this with my friends, and it is unrestricted because it is outside of class. University of Rochester was also interested in my science club experience — that's one of the reasons they said I was accepted!

Any words of advice to other students who want to study in the US or in Boston specifically?

It is a good opportunity to study in Boston, although when I first came to Boston, I felt very lonely. My English at that time didn't fit the situation, and I didn't want to talk to people. But Pine Manor is a very lovely college. The people are friendly and want to talk to you and be your friend. After a while, you will love this city.