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Transferring to major in Business at Bentley University

28 Jun, 2019
Transferring to major in Business at Bentley University

Kings Boston Pathways student Huasong Liu (Stephen) is getting ready to transfer to Bentley University, ranked #3 for Regional Universities North and #62 for Best Undergraduate Business Programs in the US.

Huasong spent three semesters at Pine Manor College (PMC) as a Business major with a specific interest in entrepreneurship. While at PMC, he excelled in all his classes, worked closely with his Progression Advisor and, last semester, was Teaching Assistant for Precalculus.

Where are you from and why did you decide to come to study in the US?

I come from Shen Zhen, a city in the south of China. The reason why I came to study in the United States is that I think this country can provide me with better education and broader vision.

What did you like about studying in Boston?

Compared with other cities in the United States, Boston has a stronger learning atmosphere in which you can easily make friends from different countries and cultures. It was a very rewarding experience.

What is your major and what are your interests?

My major is Business. My interests are very broad, such as coffee, long-distance running, and jazz music.

Where are you going to transfer and why?

I already got an offer from Bentley University. The reason why I applied there is because it focuses more on Business majors than other universities in Boston, and they also provide a really good internship program for every student. Students who intern in big companies usually can get better experience.

How did Kings help you with your transfer applications?

Everyone at Kings has helped me a lot. Without their help, I could hardly have gotten an offer from Bentley. For example, Alex provided a lot of revision suggestions and good ideas for my transfer essay that could show my strengths to the admission officers.

How did your Pine Manor College courses help you increase your academic skills?

I think the courses at Pine Manor college have provided a lot of help with my writing skills. For example, when I just entered PMC I did not know the writing format of MLA, but now I can skillfully use it and express my meaning and logic in my papers. I think that's the biggest improvement.

Did you participate in any extracurricular activities at Pine Manor College?

I joined the Badminton Club at PMC [which was started by another Kings Pathways student]. Every weekend, all the team members gathered together to play. In this process, we not only enhanced our friendship but also better understood the cultures of different countries.

Any words of advice to other students who want to study in the US or in Boston specifically?

You may not be comfortable in a new environment, but learn to get out of your comfort zone and talk to more people. Only in this way can you have a new experience and a broader horizon.