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Majoring in Fashion Design in New York

02 Feb, 2021
Majoring in Fashion Design in New York

Chun-Yu Chao, from Taiwan, started at Kings New York as an English language student back in 2019, then became a Kings Premium Universities student and completed three semesters with us. She has been accepted for transfer to LIM College in New York and will be beginning her studies there this Spring.

Here, she tells us about her experience both learning English and beginning her universities studies with Kings, and her plans for the future.

Hi Chun-Yu. What have you been studying here in New York?

I took arts and new media classes and some liberal arts/general education classes to prepare for my major in fashion design. I planned to study art major so I had to build up my portfolio. The arts class and the new media classes really helped me build my profile.

What were your favorite classes and why did you enjoy them?

"My favorite class was Art 103 because it’s not a traditional art class that I would take in Taiwan. The professor gave us a big topic which we could break down into our own work and explain and express things through artwork."

For example, one topic was about something that belongs to us. Another one was about expressing yourself/how we would describe ourselves. The third topic was a global warming issue or another social or environmental issue which we could explain through our artwork. This was very different from what I was used to in Taiwan, where we study for a big test.

Which classes did you find most challenging? Why was that?

I think Marketing, because that was my first business class and I chose to take that class because I thought it would help me prepare for business side of arts, not just arts and design. Also, my mom advised me that if I ever wanted to sell my project, I should know how to market it. The class was challenging because it involved a lot of case studies and I had to write a 2-page paper for one case, so it involved a lot of writing papers. The final was a 10-15 page marketing plan. The professor provided the format and we followed the steps. And there were also additional case studies.

How was your experience of studying on-campus in New York?

I had a great time because I made a lot of friends then. A lot of my classmates were athletes and already had groups of friends formed so I found a bit more difficult to make friends. On campus, sometimes I would attend morning reflection, which was new to me, and last semester I enjoyed the event where we dyed our own masks.

What made you want to study abroad to pursue your degree?

I wanted to study abroad since I was in high school but at that time my parents didn’t allow me to travel that far. After graduating from high school, I thought it was time, so I started preparing for TOEFL. Taiwan is an island so it’s a very small market, so I felt it was important for me to go out and learn more, more culture.

Why did you choose to study with Kings in New York?

"The college has a great location and NYC is a top city for fashion. I knew I wanted to study arts and design for my future."

I was attracted to being only 30-40 minutes outside of Manhattan. The study environment was great — quiet, but on the weekends, there was a lot to explore in the city, such as visiting museums and galleries and shopping. So it was two different lifestyles that I could enjoy at the same time.

How did you decide on your target schools? How did Kings staff guide you through the transfer process?

"I decided my target schools because I wanted to study Fashion Design and Business. LIM College, for example, provides both and is a great fit for me. I looked at many schools with just design programs, which didn’t require you to do an internship, but this school requires me to do an internship before I graduate and I think it will help me after graduating from the school."

First I worked with Chris, my former Progression Advisor, on the list of schools. After I applied to my dream school – FIT – I didn’t get accepted so I realized it may not be the right time for me to go there, or maybe I was not on the right level. So I changed my target school to LIM College. Kings staff introduced me to the transfer application process, transfer requirements (such as scores needed), gave me feedback on my essay drafts, and answered my questions along the process.

Which schools were you accepted to? What will you major in?

I applied to FIT, The New School, PRATT Institute, LIM College, and I got accepted into LIM College in New York.

How did you build your student profile?

For building my profile, initially, I found my First Year Experience class very helpful. The professor was very helpful in helping us explore the new school, make new friends, he reminded us of the weekly activities, and in this class we also worked on making a resume.

Did you make many friends whilst you were studying at Kings? Where are they from?

Yes. Friends from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama.

What are your plans for the future? Do you know what you might like to do after you graduate?

I might like to do fashion merchandizing and designing. Clothing is a big part and I also want to learn the skill of accessory design.

What advice would you give to someone considering pursuing a US degree with Kings?

"Kings is a place where you can make friends and the teachers are helpful in giving advice. If you have questions, you can discuss with them. You are not alone at Kings and you always feel supported."