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Transferring to Brandeis University after preparing at Kings Boston

07 Feb, 2019
Transferring to Brandeis University after preparing at Kings Boston

Kings Boston academic student Hyeontae Ahn, from South Korea, is transferring to Brandeis University (ranked #40, 2019) after beginning his degree at Pine Manor College. He first improved his English and prepared for university in the US by taking the Diploma of Intensive English, TOEFL Preparation and a term of GO:Prepared.

Why did you decide to pursue a degree in the US?
When I was studying in the General Intensive English program at Kings Boston, I realized the US education system is very different than my country, South Korea. I found that studying in the US is not very stressful and very joyful for me.

What do you like about studying in Boston?
Boston is a city, but it's not crowded. I can fully focus on my life when I'm in Boston. Also, lots of opportunities are everywhere. So, if I want to try and check something out, I can easily find the information I need to do it.

What is your major and what do you like about it?
I changed my major several times because I was not sure what I wanted to do for my future. However, I finally decided to major in Psychology. The main reason why I chose this as my major is that my Psychology classes were the most interesting classes I took at Pine Manor College.

What was your favorite class at Pine Manor College?
I love every Psychology class at Pine Manor College because the students and professors are open-minded people. I was able to have a lot of good academic discussions and form great relationships with them.

What student activity at Pine Manor College did you enjoy the most?
I didn’t participate in as many on-campus events as maybe I could have, but I did start my own club. It was an exercise club called 'Turn on Your Heart' and we would go to the gym on campus and exercise together once a week. It was fun, and it helped me make friends with American students.

Which school are you transferring to? Why did you choose this school?
I am going to transfer to Brandeis. I have three reasons why I decided to transfer there. First, I am sure I can really something learn from Brandeis through all the research I have done about the school. Second, Brandeis offers a lot of great opportunities to students such as research projects with professors. Third, I really wanted to stay in Boston because in my opinion, Boston is the most attractive and calm city among the many other beautiful and great cities in the world.

How did Kings help you with your transfer process?
Kings helped me with my transfer process in two big ways.

First, Kings advisors and staff always encouraged me a lot. In my situation, this semester was my last chance to transfer to another school. I had a lot of stress in my mind about this, but Kings knew my situation very well, listened to my concerns, helped me with my problems, and encouraged me all the time. I feel like people from Kings are warm and treat me like family. So, I never gave up.

Second, Kings has great guidelines to help students. Students don't have to be confused because Kings advisors already have great plans for them to follow. It is like a tree with strong roots.

What are your plans or goals after graduation?
After I graduate from Brandeis, I want to be a life coach to help people not only my country, but also in other countries. To achieve this, I will study as many diverse languages and cultures as possible.

Do you have any words of advice to other students who want to study in Boston?
For me, Kings Boston is like a bird's nest. At first, when I started to learn English, they cared for and fed me like a baby bird. When I started to study at Pine Manor, they taught me how to adjust and survive in my college life. As a result, I finally transferred to another school very successfully. Now that I’m leaving the nest, I realize I'm not a baby bird anymore, I'm an adult bird flying away.