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Transfer success to major in Biology

14 Jun, 2019
Transfer success to major in Biology

Junhong Chen (Nick) is a 4th semester Biology major. Before starting at Pine Manor College, he completed Kings' Go: Prepared [Undergraduate Preparation] and High School Completion Programs.

For all four semesters at PMC, he maintained high honors on the Dean's List, participated in various extracurricular activities, and worked closely with his progression advisor. Junhong has now been accepted to two US Top 100 Universities, the University of Rochester (ranked #33) and University of Massachusetts – Amherst (#70).

Where are you from and why did you decide to come to study in the US?

I am from China, a city named Hang Zhou. It’s super close to Shanghai. I was a high school exchange student in Massachusetts, and I got to see what the US education system was like and felt like it was more suitable for me.

We learn in different ways [here] than in China. There's more group work in the US, and it's more robotic learning in China. There are advantages to both, but the US system is better for me because I like to ask questions.

What did you like about studying in Boston?

Boston is the center of education in the world. There are good schools such as MIT. I also think people here are more friendly and tolerant.

What is your major and what do you like about it?

I am studying Biology. I like it because I have always wanted to help people since I was a kid. I think biology is the next field to develop really fast the way computers did in the 2000s. In biology, you can develop cures for cancer and learn about genetics. And for example, there is a new course at MIT called Quantum Biology. [Smiling] It is so interesting because it is the beginning of studying things like teleportation and re-growing cells.

Where are you going to transfer? How did Kings help you with your transfer applications?

I don't know the answer yet, but I am thinking I will go to University of Rochester. I have an advisor named Brittney. She is always helpful. She answered all my concerns and is a very nice person. She helped me with my transfer essays.

How did your Pine Manor College courses help you increase your academic skills?

I think Pine Manor is a great school for beginning international students because they have really nice English courses for you to prepare for your future classes. Also, you can learn other subjects that can prepare you for later difficulties. I mean they give you the basic courses you need before you take higher level classes.

Did you participate in any extracurricular activities at Pine Manor College?

Yeah! We have a class called First Year Experience where we taught how to help people in our society. And personally, I volunteered at Pine Manor’s Child Study Center. I also started the Science Club.

Any words of advice to other students who want to study in the US or in Boston specifically?

I would say make a long-term goal, a plan, and set small goals. Make sure you follow your small goals step by step until you reach the long-term goal. And don't be afraid of your language. Practice more, you will eventually get it. As the saying goes, "Fake it till you make it."