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Top 5 reasons to study in Boston

18 Oct, 2022
Top 5 reasons to study in Boston

Boston, located on the North East Coast of the USA, is known around the world for being home to top quality education, cutting-edge innovation and a rich history.

Kings Boston is based in Downtown Boston. Emily Pierre tells us the top 5 reasons for choosing this popular city as your study destination!

1. Boston is a student-friendly city.

With so many colleges and universities in the Boston area, there are a lot of young people. Some estimate that 20% of the Boston population is college-aged. So, there are many activities in the Boston area for young people, and young people are always easy to find if you’re looking for friends!

2. The educational center of the US

Boston is synonymous with education; in fact, there are more than 50 colleges and universities in the Boston area. Of course, everyone’s heard of Harvard and MIT, which are across the river in Cambridge, but there are many more schools too. College campuses are a great place to explore to attend events, study at, and meet other students like you.

3. Excellent public transportation

Boston is one of the few cities in the US where you don’t need a car. The T is the subway system in the city, and the commuter rail can take you to places outside the city, like Rockport, Salem, Wachusett Mountain and Cape Cod. From the mountains, to the beaches, public transportation can take you there.

4. Close to other great cities

Boston is a great base from which to explore if you want to visit other cities and places. New York City is 4 hours by bus, and Montreal is about 5 hours by bus and Niagara falls and Washington DC are 8 hours away. So get out and explore, there’s so much to see.

5. Boston is the 1st in the US in so many areas

Boston is home to the first subway system, the first public park, the first public school, the first computer, the first chocolate factory, and of course, the first social media network! From the beginning of its history to now, Boston is known for its innovation. Whether you like the past, or prefer the future, Boston is the right place for you!