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The highlights of being a host family for Kings

25 Jan, 2016
The highlights of being a host family for Kings

Frances Clarke shares what she enjoys about being a host mother to students at Kings London.

My family and I began hosting students for Kings Education approx 3 years ago. It was something I had always been interested in doing since relocating to London 5 years ago from Yorkshire. 

I thought it may be a good experience for our children to meet students from all over the world and learn about all the different ways of life and cultures there are in the world, it is by far one of the best and fulling desisions we have made. Our children, aged 11 and 10, love interacting with students. Our family, with the students, have had many hours discussion around the dinner table learning about each other, our families, their plans  and dreams for the future. The laughs are always aplenty as we try to learn new words in their language and they practise English. 

For us, the students become like family. I do give them the independence they need but also I'm always there in the background to be "mum" when they feel homesick or just need that reassurance that "they can do this". 

The friendship formed can last a lifetime, it is so nice to receive messages, cards and visits from ex students and good to know that they are thinking about you and their time in London as much as we are thinking about them and wondering how they are getting on since leaving Kings Education. 

There have been many highlites over the the years that are too many to mention, here are just a few:

  • We had the student that come for 3 months and stayed for 2 years....
  • Two students (cousins) that arrived with a suitcase that was filled just with gifts for our family.
  • The student who was accepted in to York University and I had the privilege to take her on her first day.
  • The student that taught the children skipping... for hours and hours.
  • The student that had never seen a fox and sat for hours waiting for one to come in to the garden. 

Without doubt we love everyday being a Kings Host Family, we as a family are the lucky ones. I hope we have had made a good lasting memory for any student that has stayed with us and we look forward to meeting many more students in the future.

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