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The difference between studying in Hong Kong and the USA

02 Nov, 2018
The difference between studying in Hong Kong and the USA

Brynn Mackenzie Lau from Hong Kong, a student at Kings Los Angeles (Marymount), reflects on the differences between learning environments in the USA and in her home country.

Hong Kong and USA are two very different places with distinct learning styles. This might be related to the culture of the two places, or because of the needs of the students. It is broadly known that students in Hong Kong have a very high level of pressure, mainly because of the learning styles they are fixed in.

In Hong Kong, students have long school hours. They normally have school from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. since primary school. They have a large class size, and they are mostly banned from leaving their chairs during lesson periods. Students are not allowed to make mistakes, and most of them get punished once they did anything wrong. Exams are the basis for education which gives students pressure as they have to study very hard to get good grades on the exams. They are also always given huge amounts of homework, which causes some of them to lose sleep.

In the USA, students tend to be happier. They have a smaller class size and a more relaxing atmosphere in class. They have many more interactions between teachers and students, and between students, which increases their willingness to participate in class. They are always encouraged to answer or to ask questions whether it is right or wrong, which makes students more eager to learn. Teachers use their assignments scores as one of the parts of their overall score, therefore students tend to treat their assignments seriously. 

To conclude, there are many differences in learning styles in Hong Kong and USA, which also affects the students' willingness to learn.


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