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Gaining a second family through homestay

22 Sep, 2016
Gaining a second family through homestay

KyoungEun Kylie Choi shares the highlights of her stay with a host family during her course at Kings Boston.

Since I met my host family almost two months ago, my life in Boston has been amazing. The happy memories I make with my host family, the faster I feel time goes by. I would like to share my story about my homestay here in Boston.

Before I came to the United States, I considered whether or not I wanted to live in a homestay or in a dormitory. However, the only thing that I wanted to achieve in the States was feeling the "authentic" American culture which I cannot experience staying in Korea. Therefore, I finally decided to live with a host family and I have been satisfied with the decision for two reasons: communicating in English and having a second family.

First, I can usually spend a lot of time speaking in English because of homestay. Of course, I have talked to friends from different countries in English as well. However, I'm pretty sure that I have got a lot of opportunities to speak in English in various situations staying with my host family. For example, I love the time when I share stories with my host sister. My host sister, who is now my best friend, often talks about her stories at school, what she has been recently concerned about, and her interests. I enjoy listening to her stories, talking about my school life, and sympathizing with her worries. Additionally, although I need to take time to express my opinions to her since I have been still learning English, she always helps me out to spell out what I want to say. Therefore, now she is one of my best friends and also a good teacher!

Secondly, I am so glad to have a second family, which I have already been with for two months. It is natural that you would miss your family living away from them. However, as I have stayed with Jackie’s family, I have been considered by the family as a new family member; therefore, I have hardly felt lonely. For instance, last month I went to a potluck at neighbor’s house, which was near the ocean, with my host family. I had such a great time hanging out with my host sister’s friends at the beach and eating lobster together. Additionally, we all watched the Olympics and played board games together.

I appreciate that I can spend everyday with my host family. They not only have taught me so much about the English language, but they have also taught me the importance of being kind to one another and accepting individuals of all nationalities and backgrounds.