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A Thank You from the Bezuidenhoudt family

19 Aug, 2021
A Thank You from the Bezuidenhoudt family

After initially studying elsewhere, Megan Bezuidenhoudt joined Kings London in September 2020 in order to re-take her A-level course and exams. A year on, she has just received outstanding results of A*AA and will be heading to prestigious University of Warwick this autumn to study Economics, Psychology and Philosophy.

Megan herself shared her thoughts on Kings and her experience with us in a video interview last year, and below are some comments from her very proud parents, who are delighted to see her finally achieve what she has worked so hard for over the last couple of years.

"The last year has flown by, but I remember very clearly the day in August 2020 when Megan and I first visited the college and met with you. Following the huge disappointment of results day 2020 and losing her much hoped for place at Bristol University, Megan was at an incredibly low point and feeling extremely let down by the system, with her self confidence shattered.

"The fact that you and Kings believed in her and were willing to give her the opportunity to retake her A-levels, supported by a generous scholarship, meant so much to her and really helped her to start believing in herself again."

Despite further lockdown restrictions and the impact this has had on teaching and exams, Megan has felt thoroughly supported and cared for by the Kings staff throughout her year at the College and has really enjoyed her time there, whilst making strong academic progress. She was overjoyed to get her results yesterday and take up her place at the University of Warwick to study EPP.

"We are all convinced that, with hindsight, being made to retake her A Levels and spending the year at Kings may well prove to be the best thing that happened to her."

She is extremely excited to be going to Warwick, a university that she had not even considered applying for previously as she knew it was so difficult to even get offered a place.

Please pass on our very best wishes and heartfelt thanks to the team."