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Taking to the Ice in New York

22 Jan, 2024
Taking to the Ice in New York

What do you do on a snowy day off? Go to Bryant Park of course!

On a chilly winter day, our international students visited Bryant Park to embrace the enchantment of a snowy day off. The iconic Bryant Park transformed into a picturesque scene, with the frosty branches of surrounding trees creating a magical atmosphere. Some students opted for a leisurely stroll around the park's serene pathways, while others gathered around the ice skating rink, displaying their skills, or trying ice skating for the first time.

Laughter and cheers filled the air as students, some seasoned skaters and others trying it for the first time, embraced the joy of gliding on the frozen surface. The backdrop of snow-covered trees and the city skyline added an extra layer of enchantment to the scene, making it a truly memorable winter day. With skates laced up and spirits high, the students glided gracefully across the glistening ice of the park's renowned skating rink.

Warm beverages, like hot cocoa and spiced tea, were enjoyed at outdoor cafes, providing a comforting contrast to the crisp winter air. As the day unfolded, the international students revelled in the unique experience of a snowy day at Bryant Park, creating lasting memories of winter charm and friendship.

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