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Taking the Super Intensive IELTS course

12 Sep, 2016
Taking the Super Intensive IELTS course

Hyelim Bae from South Korea recently completed the Super Intensive IELTS programme with us in Oxford. We met up with her during her first week on the course to find out about her reasons for choosing this programme, and for taking the IELTS exam.

Hi Hyelim. Welcome to Kings! Is there a particular reason why you'd like to take the IELTS exam?
I plan to stay here for 6 months and just for 3 weeks I signed up for this course. I chose IELTS because I need to have a goal for my English learning, so as long as I get a certificate that I can use in the future I think it will be more useful and meaningful. After this course I will do the General Intensive course.

And after that?
Since my visa is only for 6 months I will first go back to my country, and then maybe back to London.

Have you been to university in your country?
I am studying English Education at university in Korea, so I can become an English teacher. I only have one year left at university.

Is this your first time in the UK?

How did you choose Kings?
I went to an agency in my country and wanted a language school with a good course for IELTS that was famous for high quality lessons. They recommended Kings and some other schools. I liked the city of Oxford and I searched the website, so I thought it would be a good choice. Their recommendation caused me to choose this school I guess, and I’m happy with my choice!

How have you found the lessons and teaching?
I like that there is a small number of students in each class, and I can meet friends of many different nationalities.

The writing part is one of the most difficult parts of the IELTS exam, or English in general. I had a one-to-one writing tutorial session with one of my teachers, which was really useful. The teachers are nice and it’s great that they are knowledgeable about the exam, so I can learn a lot about exam technique.

What do you think about the city?
It’s quite different from my city, but I like the classic buildings and the academic atmosphere. It’s quite a special experience to live here for 6 months.

Where are you staying here?
I’m staying with a host family and I’m very happy there – they are really like my parents. We have lots of conversations and they support me. The agency recommended that I go to a host family so that they can help me adapt to the environment. I have questions about the culture, and about vocabulary and they give me good explanations!

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