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Taking learning to new heights at Kings Bournemouth

26 Jun, 2023
Taking learning to new heights at Kings Bournemouth

Enrichment, Activities and Local Content Coordinator, Alex. fills us in on an exciting Physics lesson at Kings Bournemouth.

Innovation and creativity play a crucial role in engaging students during their academic journey. At Kings Bournemouth, an extraordinary physics lesson was organized for GCSE students, led by their teacher, Harry. Departing from the traditional classroom setting, this hands-on experience aimed to provide students with an immersive understanding of physics. The lesson involved building and launching their own aeroplanes to explore the concept of speed by measuring the distance covered.

The primary objective of the lesson was to encourage students to construct their own aeroplanes and develop a deeper comprehension of the principles underlying flight. After completing the construction phase, it was time to put their physics knowledge to the test. Each student took turns launching their aircraft, carefully recording the distance it travelled. Equipped with rulers and measuring tapes, they diligently measured the flight distances to calculate the speed of their aeroplanes. This practical approach enabled students to grasp the connection between distance covered and time taken, facilitating the application of simple mathematical formulas to determine speed.

Beyond individual achievements, the physics lesson fostered teamwork and collaboration among the students. They actively shared ideas, provided support to their peers, and celebrated each other's successes. By engaging in this collaborative environment, students developed essential skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

This lesson highlighted the power of experiential learning and its profound impact on students' understanding and engagement. Through the construction and launch of their own aeroplanes, students not only explored the principles of flight but also cultivated a passion for physics and developed transferable skills that extend beyond the classroom. Harry's innovative teaching approach created a transformative experience, igniting students' curiosity and inspiring them to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. This immersive lesson proved that incorporating innovative methods into education can enhance student learning outcomes and create memorable experiences.

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