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Taking Intensive English and Cambridge Advanced in Brighton

23 Oct, 2019
Taking Intensive English and Cambridge Advanced in Brighton

Anna Sophia Von Ruhr, from Switzerland, studied at Kings Brighton for 14 weeks. She took the Intensive Course, and the Cambridge Advanced preparation course.

What are you studying here at Kings?

I was attending the English course, for around 3 and a half months, to improve my English.

Have you improved?

I would say yes, I was Level 5 at the beginning, and now I am Level 7.

What made you choose Kings?

I went to an agency in Switzerland, and I was talking to my counsellor and she recommended to go here because she worked closely with the school, and she also recommended Brighton because it was one of the cities and schools which had the lowest amount of Swiss people so I wouldn’t speak with them in Swiss-German.

Have you enjoyed your time in Brighton?

Yes definitely.

What’s an average day like for you?

I am staying in a school residence. In the mornings, I come from the residence by walking, which takes around 12 minutes to get to the school, which starts at 9:00. Then I have lessons until half past 12, and then usually I eat lunch with friends in the canteen or outside somewhere. Then it is the afternoon class, which is in my class Cambridge [CAE] preparation.

How is that class?

It was definitely useful. We prepared for every part of the exam, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, and use of English. Before, I had no idea what the exam included, and now I definitely know how to do it. I hope I will pass!

What were you teachers like?

They were all very nice — friend and polite, and also funny. No problems with teachers at all!

Do you have any standout memories?

I think it’s not just one particular experience, but the friendships that I made hopefully will stay with me for a long time.

At the start was it scary that you had to only speak English?

No, I think I was glad that I could only speak English. Otherwise, maybe I wouldn’t be in Level 7 class now.

Where are the friends that you’ve made from?

All over the world! Asia, Europe — Spain, France, Italy, Belgium — Central America, Brazil.

Where did you live when you were here?

Before it was in a host family, and then I moved to a school residence [York Grove student house].

The host family is definitely good if you want to speak a lot and get used to different English dialects and accents. Also it’s good if you don’t really want to cook or want to be a bit more supported, but the drawbacks are maybe that you can’t really bring friends over.

That’s what I really enjoy in the residence — I can have dinner with friends and also cook. We have a bit more freedom there.

Did you take part in any of the activities or extra classes?

Yes, I went several times to the yoga class, and I went once to the origami course. I also went to football, and also on a trip to Lewes. It was very peaceful.

Did you get to explore Brighton? Did you like the city?

Brighton is beautiful. It’s more colourful than Switzerland. It was also a reason that I came here — I heard that it’s a student city and it’s multicultural and multinational. However, I didn’t expect that there would be so many homeless people, which is sad, but that’s city life.

What advice would you give for students who are thinking about coming to Brighton?

I would say make sure you save some time so that you can explore the city and enjoy the local area around where you are studying.