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Taking English Plus Business and Leadership and TOEFL Preparation in Boston

18 Feb, 2020
Taking English Plus Business and Leadership and TOEFL Preparation in Boston

Kings Boston student, Francisco Tejada Carrasco, from Panama, has been taking the English Plus Business and Leadership course and the TOEFL Preparation course since the start of the year. Here, he tells us about his experience in his own words.

My name is Francisco and I’ve been a student at Kings Boston for almost two months. My main goal was to improve my English, and at first, I never imagined how fun Kings was going to be.

When I first arrived, I met some awesome guys from Argentina and they basically became my family in Kings. I went to classes with them, I had my lunch with them, and I went to beautiful places in Boston with them. I had so much fun with them but there was a problem, I wasn’t accomplishing my main goal — improving my English. Because I never spoke in English when I was with them because we all speak Spanish. So, I started to socialize with different people, but I never stopped speaking with the guys from Argentina because like I said before, they were my family here. I met people from China, Korea, France, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Taiwan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and became friends with them. And believe it or not, it was one of the best things I did because, I not only improved my English, but I also learned about other cultures; it was amazing.

The English Plus Business and Leadership class was great. We learned about many different topics and we also went on a trip to CIC in Cambridge. We toured the place, talked about the different businesses that happen there and later we had the opportunity to talk to a business owner from Portugal and he told us how he started his soap business.

"I’m glad that I had the opportunity to join this class because it opened my mind to a major, I may now consider taking when I start university in Panama."

Honestly, coming to Kings was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Here I learned a lot and the classes were so fun, I never got bored and I always paid attention. So, if you’re considering going to Kings, you definitely should! Also don’t forget to stick to the rules, do your homework, attend to class, and have fun!