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Taking English Plus Business and Finance in London

17 Jun, 2019
Taking English Plus Business and Finance in London

Lucas Goncalvez Pinheiro, from Brazil, took the English Plus Business and Finance course at Kings London for 1 month whilst on a Summer break from university in Brazil. He tells us about his course and future plans.

Please can you tell us your name and where you’re from?

Hello, my name is Lucas Goncalves, and I’m from a city called Mogi das Cruzes which is very close to Sao Paolo.

Why did you choose to take the Business and Finance option at Kings London?

I am studying Economics in Brazil so I thought this course would be the best one. It’s in my category. I’ve been here for 2 weeks, and I have 2 more after this.

How is your course going so far? Do you like your lessons?

The lessons are pretty cool. We work in groups a lot and the class is not very big so we can interact pretty well with the other students and I like that a lot. We have talked recently about crisis management and which was interesting because we learned a lot of new vocabulary and about how to deal with situations when things go wrong. I’m prepared to test myself now.

Have you been on any learning excursions or trips?

Yes we went to the Docklands Museum of London and we learned about how slavery affected the economy of England, and tomorrow we are going to Greenwich to visit the Royal Naval College which will be pretty cool.

What are your future plans after leaving Kings?

My future plans are to finish my university degree in Economics and then maybe to work as a financial broker. I am open to any good opportunity!