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Summer fun at Kings Bournemouth

20 Jul, 2022
Summer fun at Kings Bournemouth

One of the best things about summer is all the activities and excursions that our students can go on!

There are always plenty of students signing up, so there is never an activity where there aren’t a big group of students hanging out. Here are just a few of the activities and trips our students have got up to this summer so far.


One of the most anticipated trips is always London. When lots of students come to us, they’ve never been to the capital. We do several excursions a year to London, as it’s that popular! This time the students went on a tour of the main sites, seeing sights such as the Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and the London Eye. The weather was very hot this weekend, which was greatly appreciated by everyone! When students go on excursions, they are given a lot of free time to explore the city for themselves. Many students went shopping, saw more sights or went for a meal with friends.

Thorpe Park

Despite many students already being able to visit theme parks back in their home country, Thorpe Park was another popular excursion so far this summer. It was one of our first trips, so lots of students got involved. It was a great chance for students to spend time with their friends on fun day out, taking on some of the biggest rollercoasters in the UK. Several of our students are very much ‘thrill-seekers’ and took the day as a challenge to see how many different rides they could go on. Others took a slower approach and just spent time chilling in the park eating food. It was a very successful day, and a lot of the students enjoyed trying something different, compared to visiting different places and sights. It will certainly be something that we do with future students at Kings Bournemouth.


A classic trip that we do throughout the year is Portsmouth and the docks. Students start the day by having a short tour around the docks and the heart of the city. This time our students even ventured up the Spinnaker Tower, a 170-metre landmark observation tower, that overlooks the whole of Portsmouth and the surrounding harbours. The rest of the day was spent in Gunwharf Quays, shopping, exploring more of the city, and eating lots of food. Although this is one of our quieter excursions during the summer period, students always enjoy going to Portsmouth, and tend to revisit themselves later during their stay in Bournemouth.

The Beach

One of the best parts about coming to Kings Bournemouth is the beach being only a 10-minute walk away. Students love being able spend their free time at the beach because there is so much to do. This summer, we have done several activities down the beach. This has included: a BBQ evening, beach volleyball, swimming, as well as going down to the beach for a walk after a meal in town. There is also the arcade and oceanarium write on the beach front by the pier, which we take the students to for their afternoon activity on Friday throughout the year.

Welcome Dinner

An activity that is exclusive to our summer activities schedule is our welcome dinners every Monday evening. This is a perfect time for our new students to meet and get to know our current students. Every Monday all our students get together in the outdoor area outside our canteen. There is food provided by Naked Deli, which the students can help themselves to. There is always a great atmosphere amongst the students, with new people getting know everyone and feel a part of the Kings community. This activity is a great way to quickly integrate our news students into life at Kings Bournemouth – many of our students have even told us how the welcome dinner helped them settle in more quickly.

Summer is our busiest period at Kings Bournemouth, with lots of new students coming to us each with. However, that does make it one of the most exciting times, as there are so many more activities and excursions for the students to go. There is always opportunities for everyone to try something they are interested in or see somewhere they’ve never been to.

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