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A fun-filled taster day for summer students at Kings Bournemouth

28 Jul, 2023
A fun-filled taster day for summer students at Kings Bournemouth

At the end of July, Kings Bournemouth witnessed a delightful burst of energy and diversity as they opened their doors to a vibrant group of 30 students attending the residential summer camp.

Hailing from the far corners of the world, the school was thrilled to host young minds from Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Germany, and many other countries. They had taster lessons in Maths, Drama, Chemistry and English, followed by a tour of the Kings residence and canteen.

The moment these young enthusiasts set foot on campus, you could practically feel the excitement in the air. To kick off the adventure, they were treated to an eclectic mix of taster lessons, with Drama and Chemistry generally thought to be the most exciting.

Drama class saw them unleash their creativity, transforming into characters they had only dreamed of. The stage came alive with their laughter and imagination!

In Chemistry class they mixed colourful potions, witnessing tiny explosions (safely, of course!), and understanding the magic of chemical reactions left them in awe. Our chemistry lab became a haven for budding researchers who couldn't wait to make their mark in the scientific world.

The team's hopes soared high, knowing that some of these bright minds might choose Kings Bournemouth for their educational journey in the future. But beyond that, they revelled in the joy of having united young souls from different corners of the world, creating a global community of friends bound by a shared passion for learning and discovery.

At Kings Bournemouth, we believe that education goes beyond textbooks and classroom walls. It's about creating an environment where dreams are nurtured, where imaginations soar, and where every culture is celebrated. The open day was a testament to our commitment to embracing adventure, bridging gaps, and fostering a love for knowledge that transcends borders.

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