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Successful Ofsted inspection at Kings Bournemouth

22 Nov, 2018
Successful Ofsted inspection at Kings Bournemouth

In October 2018 Kings Bournemouth was inspected by Ofsted — the UK government's Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills — and, we are proud to report, achieved a 'good' rating overall.

The inspection report highlighted many strengths, with the school achieving a 'good' rating in the areas of 'effectiveness of leadership and management', 'quality of teaching', learning and assessment', 'personal development, behaviour and welfare', 'outcomes for pupils' and 'overall experiences and progress of children and young people in the boarding provision'.

Below is a summary of some of the highlights.

Effectiveness of leadership and management

  • "Senior leaders ensure that the curriculum provides students with a broad range of experiences that go well beyond the core courses they have enrolled on. Students take part in an extensive tutorial programme. This helps students understand and accept the importance of tolerance, democracy and the rule of law in modern Britain."
  • "Students take part in a range of extra-curricular activities, including sports and cultural events. For example, students are preparing a production of 'The Tempest' for the end of term. Students' confidence and emotional health and well-being are promoted well by these activities."

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

  • "Teachers are adept at welcoming students from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds. They build trust quickly with students. Consequently, students are motivated to work hard from the beginning of their courses."
  • "Students are satisfied with the quality of teaching at the school. The school's survey of students' opinions shows the large majority of students believe they are taught well and make good progress. Many students return to the school in subsequent years for further study."

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

  • "Students are supported well by staff through a tutorial programme. This helps to build students’ self-confidence, and so students are better able to engage in lessons."
  • "Senior leaders encourage good behaviour and hard work by giving students regular rewards and recognition in assemblies. Some students, who have previously found it difficult to work diligently, have shown marked improvement in effort as a result."

Outcomes for students

  • "Students in the academic department of the school make good progress, particularly on the advanced level foundation (ALF) programme. Students achieve good results in the mathematics module and the English communication and study skills module. These modules equip students well for learning at university."
  • "The school provides an arts programme that gives students a range of creative experiences, such as drama and craft activities. Teachers use these activities to develop skilfully students' self-esteem and communication skills. Subsequently, these students are better able to take part fully in lessons because they are more confident to speak out when necessary."

Overall experiences and progress of children and young people in the boarding provision

  • "Boarding accommodation is a short distance away from the school buildings. Students are provided with maps and details on how to travel locally. In addition, they are taught personal safety while living in an unfamiliar town and so understand clearly how to avoid risks."
  • "Students are encouraged to share any concerns or ideas. Suggestion boxes, surveys, meetings and the student council provide useful forums to express their views and wishes. Student requests to change their accommodation arrangements are dealt with promptly and with sensitivity."

Click here to read the full Kings Bournemouth Ofsted report