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Success in the TOEFL exam after a course at Kings LA

21 Apr, 2016
Success in the TOEFL exam after a course at Kings LA

Claire Maurice, from France, recently took a three-month course with us in Los Angeles in order to prepare for the TOEFL exam. She recently received her test result, which was a fantastic 94! Here, she tells us about her motivations for taking the TOEFL, and her experience with us in Hollywood.

I went to LA for two months because I thought that after spending three months far from my family I would appreciate to see my aunt who’s living in LA for almost twenty years.

I needed an English level to apply to my future school (Institut Paul Bocuse, in Lyon), so I chose to take the TOEFL because another school which also interested me was asking for a TOEFL score. I needed to reach at least 80 points and I got 94!

I found that Louis, the teacher who’s teaching the TOEFL class in LA, was so helpful! He’s always trying to push his students to do the maximum and he’s really open minded. I always tried to apply his advice and pay attention to his comments.

To me, Kings LA is a very serious school, very professional. The all staff are so kind, and they are always trying to make our experience even better. That’s why I would definitely recommend this school, especially for the TOEFL class. However, if you want to get a good score, you’ll have to work on your own a little bit after school too!

Speaking about Claire, and her progress at Kings LA, teacher Louis Cumberbatch commented:

"Claire arrived at Kings Los Angeles hoping to use her TOEFL score to get into a Hospitality Management program back in France. In the beginning week she admitted to a certain lack of confidence in her speaking, but immediately made friends and started applying herself. After a short time her reluctance seemed to have disappeared and she was demonstrating talent, accuracy, and expressiveness in the class exercises. A lot of discipline and hard work culminated in the achievement of a score of 94 on the test."

A big Congratultions to Claire on her test result, and the very best of luck for the future!