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Success for Kings Oxford student at the JLI Essay Competition

27 Nov, 2019
Success for Kings Oxford student at the JLI Essay Competition

Joshua, who is currently studying Politics, Economics, History and Mathematics at Kings Oxford participated in The John Locke Institute Essay Competition and tells us about his experience!

Over the summer, I participated in the annual John Locke Institute Essay Competition. It is one of the largest academic essay competitions in the world, with this year’s edition receiving 885 entries from all over the world. The competition was mentioned in one of my classes earlier this year, and as I had long been interested in taking part in an essay competition, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to cut my teeth at academic writing.

I am interested in studying Law at university, but I have had no experience in the subject. I have never formally studied the subject, and I had barely understood legal procedures or theories. I decided to write for the Law category, in order to gain some exposure to the field. The question was, “All things that are bad are illegal, but are all things illegal bad?”. After a few weeks of in-depth research and endless drafts, I sent my essay to the John Locke Institute. A few weeks later, I received an email to inform me that I had been shortlisted as a finalist. Unfortunately, I did not manage to win the competition, but I had received a “Commendation” grade for my essay. The essay competition had given me an opportunity to practice my research skills as well as develop my ability to formulate coherent and complex arguments, which are values that are extremely important for a person, irrespective of the field they may study in. I am planning to enter another competition soon, hopefully with better results.

I know that many would be doubtful of their ability before taking on such a challenge, but you can never know your full potential until you push yourself.