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Studying remotely with Kings in New York

19 Jan, 2021
Studying remotely with Kings in New York

Kings Premium Universities student, Mingjie Zheng, studied in person at Kings New York for three months and is now continuing his studies with College of Mount Saint Vincent remotely, from his home in China. Here, he shares his experience so far.

Hi Mingjie. What are you studying with Kings at College of Mount Saint Vincent?

I am studying Microeconomics, Statistics, Writing, Intro to Psychology and Principles of Business with Kings at College of Mount Saint Vincent.

What are your favorite classes, and why do you like them?

My favorite classes are Intro to Psychology and Principles of Business. For Psychology, the professor always shares interesting case studies.

"For Principles of Business, the professor is a senior professor who is humorous and nice. He not only explains theory carefully, but also shares videos of successful enterprises with us to explore the commercial values and leadership. I really like his teaching methods."

What classes do you find most difficult and why?

I think some subjects which are related to Math, because, I often have no patience to calculate data. So, this semester, I tried my best to improve my ability. Actually, I have changed a lot.

How has your experience of studying online been so far?

I think the experience is special and positive. This is because I never give up communicating and talking with my classmates and professors. Although my score in some subjects doesn't reach my ideal level, I also believe I can make more effort and get a better score in the next period. Covid-19 cannot change my determination and hope.

Can you tell us about the support that you get from Kings?

The Kings team gave me some suggestions about choosing suitable courses in the beginning of the semester. The Advisor at Kings will also invite me to join the personal [one-to-one] meetings to talk about my GPA and transfer.

Do you know which subject you would like to major in? Which universities are you aiming for?

I will major in Politics or Economics. My dream universities are UChicago and GeorgeTown University.

Why did you want to pursue a US degree?

It is due to the attraction of US culture and the power of my dream university. Luckily, I had the experience of studying in the UPP [GO: Prepared] class at Kings for 3 months and I believe the choice is right and responsible for myself. Actually, I am just eager to be a student who is studying at his dream university and enjoying the power of US culture.

Are you planning to travel back to the US to study on campus in the future?

Absolutely, I am looking forward to going back to the US campus.