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Studying remotely from Japan to complete my A-levels

08 Apr, 2021
Studying remotely from Japan to complete my A-levels

Moeno, from Japan, is in her second year of A-levels at Kings Oxford. She was studying in-person in the UK last year, but returned to Japan when the pandemic hit in Spring 2020 and has been continuing her studies online since.

Moeno received some impressive university offers and has now selected UCL (#8 in the UK, Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021) as her firm choice offer. We spoke with her about her experience of studying at Kings Oxford and plans for the future

Hi Moeno. Which subjects are you studying here at Kings?

A-levels in History and Politics. Previously [last year] Maths too.

What is your favourite subject and why do you like it?

History, because it is interesting to see historical facts from many perspectives and analyse each of them.

What is the teaching like at Kings Oxford?

The teachers are really supportive, and willingly help me to improve.

How would you describe the differences in the education style in the UK and in Japan?

"Japanese education focuses on memorising words and facts while British education enables students to think critically and analyse facts, not just memorise them."

How has your experience of studying online throughout the pandemic been?

It has been good. The quality of classes is still the same as the live [in-person] ones.

What are the main differences between studying online and in-person?

In the in-person lessons, I could ask questions really easily to my teachers or to my friends, while it is a little difficult in online lessons. Also, due to the time difference, it is hard to concentrate at night-time.

What do you want to study at university?

"I want to study History and Politics. I have applied to University Oxford, UCL [University College London], Durham University, University of Bristol, and University of York."

How have Kings supported you with your university applications?

My teachers assisted me to find appropriate universities to peruse my interest, and then they recommended me some.

How would you describe Kings Oxford to a friend in Japan who was thinking about studying here?

I would tell them that the people at Kings Oxford are nice, and the environment is good.

Are you planning to return to the UK this year?

Yes, I am planning to return to the UK in September when university starts.