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Studying remotely with Kings at the College of Mount Saint Vincent

29 Jan, 2021
Studying remotely with Kings at the College of Mount Saint Vincent

Aung Soe Maung (Aven) from Myanmar has just completed his first semester with us at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in New York. He shares his experience so far.

Hi Aven. What are your favorite classes, and why do you like them?

My favorite classes last semester were Principles of Marketing and Principles of Management, because I think they are useful to learn and I am interested in them, I feel like what I have learned in these courses are necessary and important for me to become a good manager in the future.

What classes do you find most difficult and why?

Principles of Accounting is the most difficult for me to learn, because there are a lot of fixed rules to remember and follow, and doing accounting problems requires great accuracy; you have to make sure every step is correct.

How has your experience of studying online been so far?

I studied online last semester, to be honest, I'd rather go to the campus to take the class if there is a choice. In most cases, online class mean self-study, you don't have many chances to interact with the professor and your classmates. You are just learning from instructional videos and textbooks by yourself, and then completing the corresponding exams and assignments. But due to the severity of the epidemic in the United States, and some personal reasons, online class is still the best choice for me.

Can you tell us about the support that you get from Kings?

"I feel very lucky to be a member of Kings. Kings has always given me the best advice according to my actual situation and helps me to achieve it. What is more, Kings always helps to communicate with the school actively and helps me solve any difficulties in study or daily life."

How have you been building your student profile?

Because of the pandemic, I haven't had much chance to build my resume. I planned to do volunteer work every weekend and take an active part in school clubs and activities, but none of that is possible because of COVID-19.

Do you know which subject you would like to Major in? Which universities are you aiming for?

I know which subject I would like to major in, but I am still not sure which universities I should be aiming for.

Why did you want to pursue a US degree?

Because I think the US degree is the most authoritative and most recognized.

Are you planning to travel to the US to study on campus in the future?

I definitely will travel to US to study on campus when there is no pandemic in the United States.